About Us

Joseph Walker  dba  J&K Lawn Care, LLC

Age 30

I grew up on our family dairy farm, started milking and driving tractors  when I was eight years old.

I loved that old lawn mower, everyone always said how picky I was when I mowed the lawn.

That is where I got my start in the lawn mowing business.

Along with mowing I had other chores on the farm which included helping with the milking and daily

duties of taking care of the cows; so for the past fourteen years I have applied my skills to being a

herdsman on another dairy farm. Just love that country liv'n!

My wife, two children  and I live on a farm just outside of Praag, WI., where we

enjoy other activities such as hunting, fishing and camping.

We enjoy meeting new people and take great pride in being able to serve our community with our

business, J&K Lawn Care LLC, we would like to thank all of our customers for letting us be part of your

lives today and in the future.

Just remember: The grass may look greener on the other side of the fence; but it still needs to be mowed!



Owner/Operator J&k Lawn Care, LLC